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Historically, during the time of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, As-Suffa was a place located behind Masjid Al-Nabawi ﷺ. It was in this location where the poor and homeless Sahaba (may Allah be pleased with them all) were educated, clothed and fed. These Sahaba (may Allah be pleased with them all) were known as the Ashaab As-Suffa, or otherwise known as ‘The People of the Veranda’ – It is from here that we drew great inspiration.

The Ashaab As-Suffa programme is intended to help the neediest orphans and desperate street children living in Pakistan. We provide the students with world class education, rivalling Pakistan’s most elite private schools. We also provide vocational training for the students’ family members in order to improve their employment opportunities. Our vision is holistic; we aim to not only change the condition of the household, but to lead to a wider reform in the community. To achieve this goal, we carry out the following through the Ashaab As-Suffa Programme:

Education: Through your generous donations, we support orphans and street children with free world-class education, with highly-qualified teachers, frequent excursion trips and martial arts training.

Meals: As-Suffa provide the families of these destitute children with regular food parcels, to provide daily sustenance, and curb hunger and the child-labour cycle that often prevents children gaining a rightful education.

Providing a Stable Income: Our ambition is geared towards a long-term approach to breaking the poverty-cycle, through pro-actively working with family members and the local community to provide free vocational training such as sewing classes and providing rikshaws as a means of income to the families.

Stable Housing: For children to fulfil their potential it is imperative that they have stability at home as well as at school. One manner in which we ensure that this is fulfilled is to replace temporary houses with permanent structures.

Generational Change: The Ashaab As-Suffa project aims to increase the chances of school completion and graduate access and opportunities to higher paying roles. Through a comprehensive and holistic curriculum, we ensure children are equipped with the skills, confidence and resources to break the generational poverty cycle inshallah.

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The purpose of our project is a long-term investment; the project aims to rid these deprived communities of child-marriage and child-labour.. We deliver access to quality education, whilst supporting family members with training and employment opportunities. We want these families to break free from the shackles of poverty and contribute to the success of their own community.

For just £50/month or £600/year you can support a child’s education, vocational studies for the mothers and monthly food rations for the family.


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