As-Suffa Relief is launching a critical project to aid flood-affected people in Sylhet.

Bangladesh Floods Appeal

Gaza Emergency Appeal

Help to ease the immense suffering our brothers, sisters, and children are currently enduring in Gaza

Gaza Emergency Appeal


The people of Afghanistan are in urgent need of humanitarian aid NOW. There is an urgent need for food, clean drinking water, hygiene kits, for the rebuilding of houses and infrastructure.

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Our Mission Is Unwavering And Clear.

We will not rest until the safety and dignity of every forgotten community are firmly established and respected across the globe.

Emergency Relief

We aim to be the first on the ground during crisis response.

Islamic Rituals

Actively involved in endeavours that are firmly rooted in Islamic Principles and Values.

Sadaqah Jariyah

Providing support through our life-changing relief programmes.

Bangladesh Floods Appeal

The people of Bangladesh are in urgent need of humanitarian aid NOW. There is an ...

Gaza Emergency Appeal

In the wake of Israeli attacks on Gaza, the majority of the population relies on h...

Sadaqah Jariyah Fund

With national and international projects, we require funds to operate and ensure w...

Food Parcels

Many impoverished nations go without electricity, gas, and fuel for prolonged amou...


Donate your Zakat through As-Suffa and support the needy locally and international...

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We Believe The Best People Are Those Who Benefit Mankind

As-Suffa Institute began as an educational establishment with a difference. Our aim is to convey the pure teachings of Islam through traditional scholarship. As-Suffa Relief was launched to act on those teachings and to benefit humanity.

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As-Suffa was initially founded in 2004


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