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Missed a Fast During Ramadan? Fulfil Your Obligation with As-Suffa Relief.

Many reasons can prevent observing a Ramadan fast. As-Suffa Relief allows you to fulfil your Kaffarah obligation by providing food for 60 people in need. This act of charity not only offers sustenance but also helps those struggling with hunger.


For one intentionally missed fast

Understanding Kaffarah and Its Purpose.

What is Kaffarah?

Kaffarah, an Arabic term, translates roughly to "atonement" or "compensation." In the context of Ramadan, it refers to the act of offering compensation for a missed fast due to reasons beyond your control.

When is Kaffarah Necessary?

Contrary to popular belief, Kaffarah is not solely for missed fasts. It can also be offered as compensation for any unintentional sin committed during Ramadan. However, it's important to note that Kaffarah does not replace sincere repentance and seeking forgiveness from Allah (SWT).

Understanding the Difference Between Kaffarah and Fidya:

Both Kaffarah and Fidya are related to missed fasts, but they address different situations:

  • Kaffarah: Applies to intentional breaking of a fast without a valid excuse.
  • Fidya: Applies to unavoidable situations that prevent one from fasting, such as illness or travel.

Examples of Permissible Reasons for Missing a Fast (Fidya):

  • Ill health: Physical conditions that make fasting detrimental to your health.
  • Travel: For long journeys exceeding a certain distance.
  • Menstruation: Women are exempt from fasting during their menstrual cycles.

Options for Fulfilling Kaffarah:

If you've intentionally broken a fast without a valid excuse, you can fulfil your Kaffarah by:

  • Feeding 60 people: This is the most common option, often done by providing food packages to the less fortunate.
  • Freeing a Muslim from slavery: This option is less common in the modern world due to the abolition of slavery.
  • Fasting for two consecutive months: This option requires physical ability and may not be suitable for everyone.

When to fulfil Kaffarah:

While a specific deadline isn't mandated, fulfilling Kaffarah is encouraged to be done promptly. Ideally, one should strive to complete it before the end of Ramadan.

Calculating Kaffarah Cost:

The cost of Kaffarah traditionally involves providing enough food to feed 60 individuals in need. In the UK context, an estimated cost per meal might be considered as £5, translating to a total Kaffarah amount of approximately £300. However, it's important to understand that this is an estimate, and the actual cost might vary depending on individual circumstances and local practices.

Frequency of Kaffarah:

A single Kaffarah payment can address multiple missed fasts during Ramadan. However, this flexibility shouldn't be taken advantage of to intentionally break fasts.

Accumulating Kaffarah:

Unfulfilled Kaffarah obligations are considered outstanding debts until settled. Therefore, it's essential to complete your Kaffarah as soon as possible.

Importance of Kaffarah:

Kaffarah serves as a means of atonement for intentionally breaking a fast without a valid excuse or neglecting to fulfill the obligation of fasting in Ramadan despite the ability to do so. It signifies regret for the transgression and a commitment to upholding one's religious obligations.


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