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Afghanistan Floods Appeal

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More than 300 killed in flash flooding in Northern Afghanistan!

The floods were triggered by torrential rains on Friday 10th May 2024.

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) said the floods have killed more than 300 people in the worst-hit province of Baghlan, where more than 1,000 homes have been destroyed. Other parts of the country have also been affected.

Aside from Baghlan, provinces such as Badakshan, central Ghor, and western Herat have been heavily affected.

With a national emergency declared, the Afghan Ministry of National Defence have begun the relief efforts and As-Suffa Relief’s partners are on the ground, ready to hand out emergency aid first hand, to those most in need.

The people of Afghanistan are in urgent need of humanitarian aid NOW. There is an urgent need for food, clean drinking water, hygiene kits, for the rebuilding of houses and infrastructure.
Please help As-Suffa Relief provide an emergency aid to families in Afghanistan, for just £100.

Please donate generously and help relieve some distress of our brothers, sisters, and children in Afghanistan.

Whoever relieves a believer of some worldly distress, Allah will relieve them of some of the distress of the Day of Resurrection.



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